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Covid came to stay. GSC Hotels has adapted to the new reality and has all the requirements to make your holidays in the Algarve even safer. Check out our measures. Although taking a plane to any European destination is allowed, the truth is that few people feel safe enough to do so. That is why GSC Hotels has reinforced its safety and hygiene measures so that we can still enjoy our holidays in the Algarve.
We know that, in times like these, we all look for the maximum safety, which is why we want to guarantee you that we meet all the requirements to be able to enjoy a few days of relaxation that, above all, promise to be safe. Portuguese people avoid travelling outside Portugal during their holidays, and they choose the south of the country because of the excellent conditions that it offers. Of course, not only can we boast of good climate all year round, but also of good gastronomy, one of the reasons that brings most tourists to our country.
So, if we have such a good reputation outside our borders, there are plenty of reasons not to leave them, right? Pack your bags and get ready for a well deserved holiday in the Algarve. Leave the rest to us.
Holidays in Algarve and Covid - GS Hotels

Holidays in the Algarve during Covid

Practices to follow

We guarantee disinfection stations in all of the GSC Hotels accommodations, in locations suitable for our guests to ensure hand hygiene at all times. While we keep all the measures recommended by the DGS, it is important that each guest preserves their own safety. It is vital that the care taken inside the hotel is also maintained on the outside.
Always wear a face mask (especially when travelling) in outside areas, bars and restaurants, as well as on trips to the beach, and disinfect your hands regularly.
By keeping these good practices, you ensure that, apart from protecting yourself, your are protecting everyone around you. Now it’s just a matter of choosing the best spot under the sun.

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Our suggestions

If you go on a holiday to the Algarve during Covid, it is important that you choose a type of accommodation that, apart from having all the comforts that you are looking for, it guarantees you the safety you need for a well-deserved rest.
We guarantee you that the good weather in the Algarve will counteract the fear of leaving home, and that our accommodations are more than ready to welcome you. Proof of this are the Clean & Safe labels granted to our hotels by Portugal Tourism. That is why we can confirm that is completely safe to spend your holidays in one our accommodations in the Algarve. The hardest thing will be choosing, so make sure to enjoy the never never-ending coast of the Algarve and choose one of our places to rest:
Don’t forget to tell us how did your holidays in the Algarve go at the end of your stay.