Visit Sagres and Aljezur

Where to stay and what to do

The south of Portugal hides some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, but there is (much) more to do in Sagres and Aljezur, so take a look at our itinerary. They are less than an hour away from each other and hide natural corners that you can’t miss. Visiting Sagres and Aljezur promises beaches and natural parks as far as the eye can see. Take to the road with us and discover the secrets of the Algarve region.
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Sagres and Aljezur

Where to stay in Sagres and Aljezur

Before you set out to explore the most beautiful natural landscapes of the area, it is important that you have chosen a place to spend the night. Let us give you two suggestions for when you visit Sagres and Aljezur:
Stay with us and discover what you can’t miss in Sagres and Aljezur.

What to do in Aljezur

Arab village

Let’s start further north, in Aljezur, a village founded by the Arabs, like most towns in the Algarve region. The village remains true to its roots, so don’t miss the climb up to Aljezur Castle, considered the best viewpoint in the area. From there, descend to the streets of the village and enjoy a morning full of culture. Along with an impressive natural heritage, the cultural heritage of Aljezur is extraordinarily rich and diverse. From traditional architecture, to churches that are well worth a visit, museums and museum’s holdings that faithfully portray the life of this village in the past or the most impressive archaeological remains that testify to the importance of this territory since prehistoric times, to the gastronomic treasures and excellent local products, be sure not to miss any of the experiences that this village has prepared to offer you!
And, of course, being in the heart of the Costa Vicentina, the beach is also a must see. It will be difficult to choose, but the three most popular beaches in the area are Arrifana beach, Medo da Fonte Santa beach and Amoreira beach. When hunger strikes, don’t waste time and head for Sabor’arte, Sector B or Várzea, three of the best restaurants in Aljezur, with options for all tastes.

It will be difficult to choose! Here you will find beaches for all tastes: from long beaches with restaurants and bars, more suitable for families, to unspoilt nature beaches, perfect for true nature lovers, to the favourite beaches of surfers and bodyboarders for their fantastic waves.

Discover here  your ideal beach.

If you like nature activities and discovering the culture of the region, you will find options for all tastes, including Cultural, Archaeological and Historical Tours, Sport Fishing, Surfing, Bodyboarding, SUP, Diving, Hiking, Cycling and Mountain Biking, Off-road Tours, among others. This land is of abundant fish and meat, as well as rich vegetables, where you will not be able to resist the tasty sweet potato of Aljezur, honorary protagonist of the most important gastronomic celebrations of the Algarve region: Festival da Batata-doce de Aljezur (Sweet Potato Festival of Aljezur). Find out all about Aljezur here.
Visit Sagres and Aljezur - GS Hotels

Things to do in Sagres

Fortress, surfing, mountain biking and diving

If you go to Sagres, you cannot miss its Fortress, overlooking the Atlantic. Built at the behest of Infante D. Henrique, this is a must-see monument. Here, in this magical place, you can see the outer wall of the fortress of Sagres, enjoy beautiful views of Porto da Baleeira and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Atlantic Ocean from Cabo São Vicente.
During the day, head down to one of the beaches and take the opportunity to relax, lounge on the sand, take a walk by the sea and then catch some of the best waves in the country. This is a very popular town with surfing enthusiasts due to the excellent surfing conditions. If you’ve always wanted to surf but never dared, take this opportunity and sign up for a trial lesson at one of the many surf schools – you won’t regret it!
Jeep tours along the coast are also very popular and can be the perfect activity to do in the late afternoon before dinner. But you can also choose from the various activities available: hiking, bird watching, mountain bike tours, yoga and meditation classes, diving lessons, surfing, bodyboarding and SUP, among others. Discover everything you can visit and do in Sagres here.
Sagres is a paradise for those who want to enjoy the most genuine Algarve without losing sight of the sea. In addition to its beautiful beaches that meet the perfect conditions for the practice of different sports, this is undoubtedly a region that seduces for its gastronomy. The gastronomy is enriched by the direct influence of the Mediterranean and its proximity to the mountains. From the mountains to the sea, the cuisine offers the best of both environments.
Dare to immerse yourself in the flavors of the sea, start with fresh fish and seafood, such as barnacles, mussels and seashells, freshly caught by local shellfish gatherers, and enjoy it served after a light cooking or accompanied by more elaborate dishes such as feijoada, rice or a puree. Let’s continue sitting at the table and enjoy a fried moray eel or a stewed wild boar, cooked slowly to preserve all its flavour.
You know: when you visit Sagres and Aljezur you will always have one foot in the sea and the other on land.