Visit Monte Gordo

The guide to the essentials

Visiting Monte Gordo is synonymous with diving into the hottest waters in the country. But this area of the Algarve is not just about the beach. Find out what to do during the day with our itinerary. Visiting Monte Gordo is one of the best options the Algarve region has to offer. In addition to long sandy beaches, the area has no shortage of good restaurants with different types of gastronomic options, as well as activities that you can’t miss.
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Visit Monte Gordo

Where to stay

The Baía Beach Hotel is located in the centre of Monte Gordo, which means that it is just a few metres from the beach. So there is no need to take the car to go for a dip in the sea. We suggest you start your day with our buffet breakfast, so that you have the energy you need for a full day full of new adventures.

The beaches

In this guide of the essentials to visit Monte Gordo could not be missed the immensity of beaches that the region has to offer. With warm waters and extensive sandy beaches, they are beaches whose end is lost from sight. For this reason, we have compiled the essential beaches for your holidays.
These are just a few examples of what the area has to offer. Although, of course, it is also possible to visit the beach of Isla Canela in Spain, which is less than 30 minutes drive from Monte Gordo.

What to do

If you are visiting Monte Gordo, don’t worry since, besides going to the beach, there are many other activities you can do to complete your day.

Monte Gordo Casino

In addition to trying your luck in the casino, you can also attend the various shows/concerts that the venue hosts throughout the year. You can also enjoy the pre-event dinner.

Walk along the Guadiana River

Explore nature

The Guadiana River forms the border between Portugal and Spain and offers some very popular river tours. The activity starts in Vila Real de Santo António and allows you to explore the natural surroundings of the area. You can do the tour by boat or jeep.
Visit Monte Gordo - GS Hotels

Visit Ayamonte

Tapas, marina and golf

Ayamonte is just next door and is well worth a visit. In addition to the marina, it also offers the possibility of playing golf on one of the courses in the area, and don’t forget to enjoy the delicious tapas at any time of day or night.

Bird watching

Admire nature

Visitors to Monte Gordo say that the area offers the best conditions for bird watching and other wildlife.